Customer Support


Chery provides high-quality services to customers by receiving feedback from customers about models, services, sales networks, assistance and solutions

Road-side Assistance


Chery conducts the trailer services of “24-hour rescue”, “365 day rescue” as well as the demand services of emergency repair. In addition, Chery gets well prepared for services to reduce the latency for customer, thus facilitating customers to the greatest extent and enhancing their satisfaction.

Genuine Spare Parts


Aiming to keep the characteristics such as reliability, comfort and safety, Chery has equipped its models with genuine spare parts, which fully meet the technical specifications of the original equipment and must be the ideal solution for your vehicle maintenance. By the way, you can purchase any spare parts of Chery from Chery authorized repairers.

Warranty and Maintenance


Chery guarantees that every new vehicle is manufactured according to the highest manufacturer’s standards and inspected before delivery. Therefore, we can promise that if a manufacturing defect is found during the warranty period, it will be repaired by the authorized Chery service workshop without charging any spare parts and/or labour costs.


Warranty period of years or kilometers for the whole vehicle, including spare parts and labour costs provided by Chery.


Our extensive network service centers are set all over the world, which will ensure your application security and attention. 

We only use original and genuine spare parts and accessories in each service of Chery to maintain the high quality of your vehicle.



We provide 24-hour assistance service.


Repair procedures, wiring diagrams with connector views, pin charts, component locations, functional descriptions, OBD information and more.